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Kitesurf Lessons

A Bit About Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is the water-based side of kiteboarding, an exciting extreme sport that harnesses the power of the wind to propel the user on a board across water, land and even snow! There are many different disciplines within kitesurfing including racing, wave riding, freeride, freestyle and recently the addition of hydrofoiling. The first step towards your kitesurfing career is to take some kitesurf lessons!Kitesurfing Courses UK


Our Courses

We offer some of the top kitesurfing courses UK with a range of different kitesurf lessons to suit everyone. Browse through our courses below and then book in via our booking calendar!

2 Day Beginner Course

Beginner kitesurf lessons with south coast kitesurf school
dollar-symbol-2£199 per person

clock-circular-outline4 hours each day

multiple-users-silhouetteStudents to instructor ratio 2:1
This course is the perfect package to take you from complete novice to your first board starts. You will receive a course completion card at the end which is recognised at kite centres worldwide! It is a great introduction to the sport of kitesurfing and once you have discovered your new passion we would recommend private tuition or an improver course to get you up to and independent riding level.
What’s covered?

1. Kite skills (land)
2. Set-up and safety
3. Basic Kite skills (water)
4. Advanced body dragging techniques

1. Introduction to the board (land demo)
2. First board starts
3. First rides
4. Up and riding (>50m)

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Taster Courses

Not sure whether you want to commit to the full 2 day beginner kitesurfing course? Try one of our taster sessions! These are a great way to learn kite flying skills and find out if the sport is for you. They also make for a great gift idea.


Powerkite taster

Powerkite taster course South Coast Kitesurfdollar-symbol-2£45 per person
clock-circular-outline2 hours

multiple-users-silhouetteStudents to instructor ratio 6:1
This is a great land based introduction to kiting which teaches you the basic kite flying techniques you need to kitesurf. It leads perfectly into our other kitesurf lessons! We use foil kites which are suitable for children and adults alike. Children must be over 8 years old to participate and must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


What’s covered?

1.1 Safety and Basic theory
1.2 Powerkite flying techniques (land)

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Extended kitesurf taster

Extended Kitesurf Taster Lesson with South Coast Kitesurf School

dollar-symbol-2£99 per person

clock-circular-outline4 hours

multiple-users-silhouetteStudents to instructor ratio 6:1

The extended kitesurf taster is a more in depth session which covers both kite flying techniques on land and in the water. After completion you will receive your BKSA level 1 kitesurfing card.

What’s covered?

1.1 Safety and Basic theory
1.2 Powerkite flying techniques (land)
1.3 Setup and safety techniques - LEI kites.
1.4 LEI kite flying and relaunch techniques (water) and body dragging.

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Improver Lessons

south coast kitesurf school teaches on slingshot rally kites

dollar-symbol-2£89 per person

clock-circular-outline3 hours

multiple-users-silhouetteStudents to instructor ratio 2:1

Our improver lessons are for students who are at water starting level and above. The improver lessons aim to get you to an independent riding level where you are safe on the water with others and fully self sufficient!

What’s covered?

2.3 Up on the board
2.4 Riding 50m+

3.1 Rules of the road and riding safely with others
3.2 Riding upwind
3.3 Transitions (turning)


Private tuition

Kids Kitesurf Lesson private south coast kitesurf

Icon south coast kitesurf private lesson 1-1 1-1 £45 per hour

2-users 2-1 £40 per hour each


If you would prefer a lesson specifically tailored to allow you to progress at your own pace, book in for one of our private kitesurfing lessons.

Private lessons are flexible and adaptable to suit your learning style and ability. We offer private lessons for a levels, from complete novices, intermediates working on basic jumps and rotations, and more advanced riders starting basic unhooking.

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Kite-Specific Boardwork Session

boardwork practice

dollar-symbol-2£25 per person

clock-circular-outlineVaries according to number of students booked in

multiple-users-silhouetteStudents to instructor ratio 4:1


Brush up your board skills with our kite specific board work sessions. When learning to kitesurf there’s a lot to take in, sometimes it’s easier to break it down! In these lessons you can practice your board techniques without worrying about the kite. Each student will receive 1-1 coaching to enable them to get up on the board with ease.

We run these sessions at the local cable park – South Coast Wakepark – which makes it a perfect no wind activity!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age to have a lesson?

People of all ages can take part in our kiteboard courses provided they are fit and healthy. For land based lessons children must be over 9 years old. For water based kitesurf lessons they must be over 11 years old and at least 35kg.

What happens if there’s not enough wind for my lesson?

We pride ourselves on providing quality lessons and will not run a course in unsuitable conditions. Kitesurf lessons are dependent on the wind and may be subject to change or cancellation at short notice. But don’t worry, your lesson will be rescheduled at no further cost to yourself on a suitable date.

Why aren’t lesson times the same every day?

Kitesurfing lesson timings and dates are based around the tide times which change each day. Different locations are suitable at different states of tide. At Bracklesham and Pagham it needs to be 2.5 hours either side of low tide.

Do I need to have my own kit?

No we can provide all the kit, however if you do have your own wetsuit / bouyancy aid / booties we would recommend you bring them.