Learn to Kitesurf

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Learn to Kitesurf

Learn to Kitesurf

So you want to learn to kitesurf? Here at South Coast Kitesurf we offer a range of different courses to suit all levels; including introductory taster courses, full beginner courses, and advanced clinics with professional kiteboarders.

Kitesurfing tasters can be a great corporate team building experience. It also offers a great alternative hen or stag party experience with discounted prices for groups*.

Child Kitesurf Lesson

Kitesurf Lessons with Aidan, 11 years old.

Can children learn to kitesurf?

People of all ages can take part in our kitesurf courses, provided they are active and healthy. For water based kitesurf lessons children must be over 11 years old and at least 35kg.

A little bit about Kitesurfing

The terms kitesurfing and kiteboarding are often used interchangeably.

Kitesurfing tends to refer to the water-based side of kiteboarding, an exciting extreme sport that harnesses the power of the wind to propel the user on a board across water, land and even snow! There are many different disciplines within kitesurfing including racing, wave riding, freeride, freestyle and recently the addition of hydrofoiling. We also hold a world record in speed sailing and can reach speeds of 55 knots! Find out more about the kitesurfing lessons we offer here.

Kitesurfing lesson timings and dates are based around the tide times which change each day. Kitesurf lessons are dependent on the wind and may be subject to change or cancellation at short notice. But don’t worry, your lesson will be rescheduled at no further cost to yourself on a suitable date. The wind range must be within 11-25 knots in order to provide you with a safe and high quality lesson. If the wind is too strong it can be dangerous and if too light, the kite won’t stay in the sky! You can find out the wind predictions and future tide times by heading over to our weather page.

*on selected courses only T&Cs apply.

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