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Stand Up Paddleboarding


South Coast Kitesurf and SUP School Van in Bosham, West Sussex

Stand up paddleboarding is often shortened to the acronym SUP. There are various modes of paddleboarding. It can be a relaxing way to de-stress or a great way to improve physical fitness. SUPing disciplines include racing surfing waves, and even paddleboard yoga to name a few!

Stand up paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing watersports. It is easily accessible to people of all ages. You use a large board, similar in style to a large surf board, to allow you to paddle over water whilst standing up.

We offer 2 different Paddleboard Sessions. Our 1 hour Paddleboarding experience is £30 and our 2 hour SUP tour is £50. Group discounts are available for both courses. We can provide all the necessary equipment and Paddleboarding takes place in Bosham, West Sussex.

1 hour SUP experience – £30

Learning to paddleboard can be a lot harder than it looks but a quick lesson at the start of your SUP experience with our enthusiastic instructors and you’ll be up and paddling like a pro in no time!

You will learn the best way to stand up and balance on the board as well as the easiest and most efficient paddling technique.

2 hour SUP tour – £50

We offer a 2 hour SUP tour down Bosham Channel and around the beautiful scenery of Chichester Harbour. A great weekend getaway!

Group discounts are available and larger groups can be arranged on request in advance.



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