Where to go this winter – Kate’s guide to winter kitesurfing! Part 1. South Africa and Brazil

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Where to go this winter – Kate’s guide to winter kitesurfing! Part 1. South Africa and Brazil

Where to go for some winter kitesurfing

I don’t like winter. Its cold, wet and depressing. Sure, we get some exciting storms coming through (which only wind / kite / surfers appreciate) but I’m not such a fan of the one-splash-and-it-gives-you-brainfreeze winter water temperatures. I prefer the endless summer approach and to spend my winter kitesurfing elsewhere.

Lots of students ask me where to go over the winter season. There a number of popular locations such as Brazil, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. So far I have been to Brazil, Cape Town and Western Australia. The kitesurfing lifestyle definitely has its perks! Here’s a little lowdown on my experiences and some recommendations of where to go and what to do if you’re looking for ideas for somewhere to escape to for some winter kitesurfing.



South Africa


tablemountain view winter kitesurfing ideas

Garden view from the Endless Summer Beach House

One of the most exciting and craziest places I have ever had the fortune to visit. I stayed at the Endless Summer Beach House in Cape town which is situated right on the beach with the most incredible views of table mountain. The conditions by the hostel at Blouberg are hardcore. Huge waves and super strong wind! A great place to go if you want to jump high and have fun. 

winter kitesurfing travel ideas south africa

That doesn’t mean that its not the right place for those of you who aren’t quite at that level. For beginners and freestylers who want slightly calmer winds and flatter water you want to check out Langebaan – Shark Bay. I would really recommend Coastline Kitesurfing School for anyone wanting lessons, whether you’re a beginner or someone wanting to learn a new trick or two.

winter kitesurfing travel ideas langebaan


Spot review: Waves 5/5   Flat water 4/5   Lifestyle 5/5   People 5/5




winter kitesurfing ideas - sao miguel do gostoso brazil

Breakfast guests at Albergue da Jangada

Back in 2014 I went on a coaching holiday with Kite Camp Pro to Sao Miguel do Gostoso taught by Celine Rodenas and Liloo Fourré. Marcus and Sophie who run the camp did a fantastic job – you might also have heard of their online Magazine – Kitesista. We stayed at a lovely pousada (Brazilian accomodation) called Albergue da Jangada run by Remí and Bea. I can’t recommend it enough! If you’re looking for a chilled out vibe with consistent wind this is the place to go. The spot itself is mostly choppy with a nice reefbreak and there are many places around within easy driving distance that have flat water.

winter kitesurfing travel ideas

The lagoons of Galhinos

If you head over there be sure to check out a place called Galhinos where you can take a short buggy ride to find butter flat lagoons! I stayed at the  Chale Oasis pousada.

Spot review: Waves 3/5   Flat water 5/5 (Galhinos)  Party-scene 1/5   Chilled vibes 5/5

You can read more about that in my personal blog hereAnd check out the video below:


Last year I back to Brazil and did a road trip with a couple of mates. We started in Uruau and worked our way up to Jericoacoara via Barra Nova, Cumbuco and Taïba.


Uruau is a really cool little spot with a very small lagoon and a great kite club called Prokite Brazil. We stayed at the Manzua Pousada which is just a little way down the road from the lagoon with a pool that backs on to the beach. You can kitesurf to the lagoon from your hotel room! The sea has some nice waves so you can go from waves to flat water in 10 seconds! You can also do a great downwinder from Uruau which is about 15km (a tip – make sure to take plenty of water with you!). The only drawback to the spot is that the lagoon is VERY small and so can only fit a couple of people on the water at a time. Its great for teaching you all about lagoon etiquette and waiting for everyone to have a turn!

You can also find the BEST acaï in all of Brazil here made by a lady up in the village. Would highly recommend finding her if you go.

winter kitesurfing travel ideas brazil

Uruau lagoon


Spot review: Waves 3/5   Flat water 4/5  Party-scene 0/5   Chilled vibes 4/5

Barra Nova

Barra Nova – my favourite spot in Brazil.  We met some awesome people whilst staying at Pousada barra nova kitesurf which is just 50m away from the water front. Its a lot livelier than Uruau with many more restaurants and pousadas around. The spot is a river mouth and so you get changing lagoons throughout the day as the tide changes. There is lots of space and for Brazil it is relatively uncrowded!

Barra Nova winter kitesurfing travel ideas

Barra Nova – photo by David Grahn

Spot review: Waves 2/5   Flat water 5/5  Party-scene 2/5   Chilled vibes 4/5


Cumbuco – Perhaps a controversial view but I was not a fan of Cumbuco. Perhaps I didn’t spend long enough there. We stayed for a night, checked it out and found it really commercial and heard lots of horror stories about kite getting stolen out of cars etc. The main lagoon was choppy and nothing in comparison to the previous places we had been so we left the next morning. But if you do want more of a party vibe then this is the place for you!

Spot review:  Flat water 3/5  Party-scene 5/5   Chilled vibes 2/5


We stayed at the Villa Medina Jeri – great fun place to be the vibes are amazing and there’s so much to do and see. To get there we hired THE DUSTER and it took us 5 hours from Cumbuco. It was quite a nice drive an great fun to drive through the dunes. The kitesurfing isn’t anything special but the wind is strong and there are loads of different locations to check out. Get yourself a guide to take you to the different spots. I would highly recommend our guide Cleitom, you can get in touch with him via facebook https://www.facebook.com/cleitomsiuva.clecle We were only there for a couple of days and kited at Prea and Lagoa paraiso.

winter kitesurfing lagoa paraiso


Taiba was an awesome spot with 2 really nice big lagoons although we were there towards the end of the season in late November when they start to dry up.  Kite Pousada Taiba were an awesome place to stay. I would definitely recommend you have a car in Taïba t0 get around as everything is spread pretty far apart! You have to check out Le Petit Bistrot it does the most amazing food!

You can watch our video from Brazil below:

HELPFUP TIP – I used booking.com to get some good deals on places to stay.

Coming up in part 2… Australia!

If you want to find out any more about any of these places just get in touch. You can find me on twitter or facebook.


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Know before you go!

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